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The Old Cemetery Holds Lost British Secrets and Boer Combatants
The Memorial Cemetery, situated close to the centre of town, continues to be a source of fascination, intriguing professional and amateur historians alike. Both British and Boer combatants were buried here during the Anglo
Boer War. 
The remains of three Frenchmen who volunteered to fight for the Boers were also interred here. The cemetery holds two notorious graves. The first is that of GB Mousley. Mousley was a well known “smous” (trader) in the area. 

The second grave is that of Arthur Pond, whose history remains a grey area in the history of Ficksburg. What is noticeable about his grave is that this it faces the wrong way — west instead of east.

GPS Co-ordinates 
S 28º52.100' E027º52.630'

Ficksburg Town Square is the prettiest in the freestate
Ficksburg boasts probably the prettiest town square in the Free State. Three sandstone buildings, all superb examples of sandstone architecture — the Town Hall, the Old Magistrates' Court and the Old Post Office — are situated on the square. All of the buildings are national monuments. 

The Town Hall was built in 1887, the Old Magistrates' Court in 1899 and the Old Post Office in 1907. The Town Hall was used by the British during the Anglo Boer War as a church and after that as a hospital during the deadly flu epidemic of 1918. In front of the Town Hall General and Mrs Fick's remains are buried at the foot of a monument commemorating the man after whom Ficksburg is named. 

GPS Co-ordinates 
S 28º52.324' E027º52.519' 

McBride's House Ficksburg's first sandstone feature
Ficksburg was founded in 1883 and in 1885 sandstone was used as an architectural feature for the first time in a bay window which can still be seen in what is now known as McBride's House, situated in McCabe Street, opposite the police station.

From 1887 to 1917, more than 10 sandstone buildings were commissioned in Ficksburg.

GPS Co-ordinates 
S 28º52.137' E027º52.252'