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Ember Down is the home of the most fabulous goose down and feather products! All the down and feathers come from the company’s own birds, which range free on the farm, surrounded by beautiful sandstone cliffs. The owners have always been fascinated by geese and when they moved to the farm, the first geese began arriving very soon afterwards. As goose down has so much potential, it was decided to offer the best products possible. 

This begins with the geese, which have the very best in natural foods — serradella, oats, maize, kikuyu and other naturally growing grasses/plants on the farm. This ensures the best quality raw material to start with.

Their product is becoming the preferred choice of goose down and feather products, both locally and internationally. All the products are treated for allergies and buyers can rest assured that even the most asthma / hayfever afflicted person will love their duvet or pillow.

There is a full range of duvets, comforters, pillows, slippers and other products. 

Tours can be arranged to view the plucking and manufacturing.
call us for further details.

Cell:        +27 82 408 6770

GPS Co-Ordinates: S 28º50' 33 E 27º46' 28